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Editorial Policy


  1. The editorial board reserves the right to accept or reject articles based on its editorial judgments.
  1. Editorial decisions are made on the basis of but not limited to the quality of the article, the relevance of the material, and sound argument.
  1. All submissions will be edited for accuracy, clarity, and quality.
  1. This portal works purely on a voluntary basis. Therefore the articles published in this portal will not be paid.
  1. Any articles published in this portal can be reproduced with due acknowledgment.
  1. The views expressed in all of the publications are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the official positions or policies of Swathanthra except for the editorial publications.
  1. The original identity of the authors is not mandatory for publication.
  1. Articles must be original works. The author must make sure that the article is plagiarism-free.
  1. References for the Information mentioned in the article must be properly listed at the end of the article.
  1. If the author wishes to quote someone word-by-word, quotation marks must be used to indicate the beginning and the end.
  1. The author should inform the editorial team if the article was published before or under consideration in any other publication.
  1. All the articles use the creative commons license.